ensures maintaining strong and meaningful privacy protections for users. Your personal information and sensitive personal data are secure on our site. By using our site and accepting the User Agreement”, you also agree to the privacy policy.

By using our services you approve of the information collection, use and disclosure of the information as described in this policy.

  1. What information do we gather?

We collect your details during your registration on our site as well as when you visit our pages. We collect some of your personal information to provide you access using our site and its services and sometimes for some additional purposes.

Personal Details:

  • Your name, client name, company address, contact number, demographic location (zip code), email address
  • Your financial information such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, or other account information to process transaction
  • Transactional details such as billing, bidding etc.
  • We may request additional details or documents for identity verification
  • Information that you share with us through correspondence, chats, or through other social applications, services, or websites
  • Additional personal information for authentication in case of any site policy violation
  • Information from your interaction with our sites, services, content, and advertising

Non-Personal Details:

We may collect Non-Personal Information sometimes with your Personal Information. If this is the case, we will take the entire information as combined Personal Information.

  1. How do we protect your information?

We assure you of maintaining the confidentiality of your information. Your information is secured by our technical and administrative security measures to lessen the risks of misuse, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, and alteration. We use safeguards such as data encryption and firewalls, physical access controls to our data centers, and information access authorization controls.

We disclose your information in case of legal requirements, in order to respond to claims as per the circumstances, with applicable laws and regulations. We share your information with clients you are working with (work details, work history) to get you projects and to process your payment.

  1. How can you update your information?

You are provided with account profile settings to update your information. In case the information you provided is outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete, you can change it by going to account profile settings. You also hold the right to request access from us to any personal information we have about you by contacting us at We will provide you the details through email, but in this case, we may charge you a minimal amount to cover our administrative and other reasonable costs. We do not charge on updating your profile.

We may not give you access to such personal information that violates the privacy of others. Granting such accesses may cause a breach of confidentiality. We will provide you written reasons for not granting accesses.

  1. What about the cookies?

We use cookies to enable the site to remember you on subsequent visits and speed your services. You are given the option to disable cookies anytime through your browser. Your website activities may be stored by us in cookies. Third party websites, including Google, can use this information to show you ads.

Your non-personal information may also be received by the third party vendors (e.g. Google Analytics) from server logs, cookies, and similar technology from your browser or mobile device, including your IP address.

Change of privacy policy

We hold the right to change the privacy policy any time.