People spend their whole life in a certain job, honing their skills for a lifetime. Then old age catches up and so does the time for them to retire. But as the saying goes ‘tired but not retired ’, many retired professionals are opting to get freelance jobs online as it gives them the opportunity to put their treasure trove of experience to good use and stay in control of their lives financially. The core component of freelancing is that it enables you to work on your own terms, and that is the reason it has become a popular post retirement career.  Few freelancing job which would be suitable for retired professionals are:-


There are numerous small business enterprises that don’t have an accountant or a bookkeeper and thus they need someone to look over the accounting, payroll and the taxes. Professionals who have experience in this area are huge demand to look over the finances of such companies from time to time.

Project Manager

Individuals having experience in operational or management roles would find the freelancing job of project managers suited to their interests. This job involves managing and collaborating between a group of people, and working towards making them reach a targeted goal.


When you choose to get freelance jobs online as a writer, there are multiple roles which open for you like that of a content manager, copywriter, editor, technical writer or blog article writer. If you have a good command over a language, and are able present engaging written pieces, then this field is tailor made for you. This is a much in demand industry where you can flourish.

Online tutoring

If one has a viable degree and experience in teaching, then becoming an online tutor is an excellent option. Students from high school to college goers seek for tutors online, and the biggest advantage of online tutoring is that one can teach and learn from any place across the globe, the geographical boundaries doesn’t matter.

Crossing the line of retirement age, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to say goodbye to your earnings. Get freelance jobs online after retirement to see a brand new portal of opportunities open in front of you.

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